Second Polish-Nationwide Transgender Visibility Day

On April 13-14, there will be a special event: the Second Polish-Nationwide Transgender Visibility Day. Its program is even richer and more interesting than during the pioneering edition in 2023.
Dzień widoczności Osób Trans
You will have the opportunity to meet amazing figures of the Trans/Non-binary movement, such as Anna Grodzka, Piotr Jacoń, Anu Czerwiński, Anton Ambroziak, Zenobia Żaczek, Angela Getler, Małgorzata Szumowska, and over a hundred others. There will be panels, lectures, film screenings, meetings with their creators, conversations with writers, living books, politicians listening to our needs, free consultations, workshops, an exhibition of visual arts, networking, an afterparty with drag shows, and even a liturgy at the Reformed Catholic Church.

The crowning event of Visibility Day will be a street demonstration – the Transgender Equality March (Trans Pride).

You can find guests and the program at: